Bullet points  

     - Our mug keeps your drink steamy for hours (double-walled insulation). 

     - Our mug is made to last! (robust stainless steel construction).

     - Our mug is a fashion statement. 

     - Never lose a single drop of your favourite drink. 

     - Easy to open and easy to close.

     - Easy to drink from and easy to clean (it only takes seconds to hand wash your mug).

     - Comfortable to hold (safe ergonomic handle). 

     - Never snooze behind the wheel!



15 oz capacity

robust double-walled stainless steel construction

modern metallic colors  and elegant design

tight-fitting spill-proof lid

slide bar lid mechanism 

safe ergonomic handle for both right and left hand use

non-slip base, easy to clean and 5-year warranty

- fits most standard automobile cup holders

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